Meet the Trophex Team

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  • Bertus Steenkamp Owner and General Manager The ultimate hunting experience requires discipline and patience, allowing the animal to make the first move. One will then experience the beauty and elegance of the natural movement of our African game. The Adrenalin rush and pumping heart one experience at this moment is what inspired me to become such a hunter and taxidermist patient but passionate. I am dedicated and my superior craftsmanship will ensure that your special hunting memories are given life forever.
  • Corrie Marais Finishing Corrie and his fine artistic touch will put the final touches to your trophies. He is very precise and clean and can sometimes take for every to finish a trophy but once the trophy is done you will know that it was all worthwhile.
  • Dirk Koekemoer Taxidermist Dirk grow up in the bushveld and have alot of passion and pride in African wildlife. His love for African Animals is visible in every mount and he really dedicates himself to get his mount as close as possible to the real thing.
  • Herman Potgieter Workshop manager and leading taxidermist Herman is a perfectionist when it comes to mounting, he is extremely critical about detail and expressions. Each and every trophy is checked by Herman and his supervision ensures that you can expect a trophy with high standards.
  • Lou-Ann Pretorius Administration Lou-Ann will assist you with any queries and will give constant feedback. She works with your exporting permits, Veterinary certificates, quotations and all the documentation. She knows her way around the office and we are just grateful to have her on our team.
  • Michael van Tonder Taxidermist Michael is the youngest taxidermist at Trophex. Although we need to remind him that he is still the youngest. He has proven himself that he can run with the big dogs.
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