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Taxidermy V/S dipping and packing

This is a very interesting topic, because you will find deferent opinions all around the world. You need to remember that every taxidermy wants your work, including myself. At the end it is facts that can determine your decision. I would like to put all these facts on the table for you to see and then give my opinion about them.


Choosing the hunting organization for a safari in South Africa from a taxidermy prospective

If you are a first time hunter in South Africa, you will find that choosing the right Safari Company might be harder than you thought. There are many destinations, deferent prices and so on. I for one will not be able to help you make the right decision but by simply looking at important field preparation points and documentation preparation requirements. One can narrow the large amounts of hunting organisations.



Jim Vinson

I got the boxes today!!  Great job on the goose!!  I took the hides to the tannery this morning Great box job everything got here safe and sound!!  again thanks!!  say Hi too hannes and the crew when you see them.

Brain Oldfield

Bertus, I was notified by Tina that my trophies are in there posesion...I would like to thank you for your quick turn around time on these...I have been very anxious to receive them, and am very greatfull that you were able to do it as quickly as you...

Steve and Jackie Akright

We just want to let you know that the trophies have arrived and we are very pleased with the work that you did.  

Have a great day!
Steve and Jackie Akright

Raúl Heranz Martínez

Hi Bertus, I just want to tell you that I receive all my trophies in very good conditions and we (me and my friends and family) like them very much. Good job. Thank very much.Raúl Heranz Martínez

Richard Kayser

To say I am pleased with the taxidermy work on my four trophies would be an understatement!  They are gorgeous.  The work is outstanding.  The crate was very sturdy, and survived the entire trip in good condition. I hope to hunt with...