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Quality Trophy Exports


Trophex is managed and owned by Bertus and Yolanda Steenkamp.

Having been involved in the hunting industry for many years, this family became aware of the lack of good service in the trophy handling sector (taxidermy and dipping for exportation). Trophex originally started with processing raw hunting trophies for export. In the second year of their existence Trophex exported over a 1000 trophies. Trophex started taxidermy and is currently competing with the top Taxidermies in South Africa while being an international competition of note.

Meet The Team


We are based on a farm in the Limpopo Province near the town of Lephalale in the heart of magnificent bushveld.

Our facilities have been approved by the department of agriculture which enables us to export our products to any destination around the world. Trophex has been visited and complimented by well known taxidermist from the USA, Spain, and Germany. We are proud to be the taxidermy recommended by them for dipping and packing.


All members of staff are well aware of the importance of the product, service excellence is a priority.

A large percentage of our staff has more than 10 years experience in taxidermy or dipping and packing.


Capturing the life like expressions of African animals is our passion. The quality of our product, is our promise

Trophex is a fully equipped taxidermy with taxidermists and craftsmen with more than 10 years experience. Because of owner supervision, Trophex provides its clients with museum quality trophies. Trophex specializes in shoulder mounts, full mounts, skull mounst and skin tanning.


A thin skin will provide the taxidermist with more stretch and, very importantly, the abilityFleshing to catch the small details of facial expressions on animals. Thinning the skin requires lots of practice and concentration. One cut through the skin can spoil the whole cape.

All fleshing staff, employed at Trophex, has a minimum of 1 year experience and is well aware of the importance of fleshing.


Experience is the only way to become a good taxidermist. Through experience one will realize if you have the ability or not.

All taxidermists at Trophex have 10years or more experience and are assisted by an assistant taxidermist. Well trained staff will ensure you with a good product.

Turnaround time

Our taxidermy department is pleased to say that we can provide our client a turnaround time of 7 months during off season and 8 months during peak season.

Please note that the issue of an export permit by our authorities can sometimes be a frustration and is beyond our control, this might lead to a delay on your consignment. Each export permit application, sent to the authorities, is carefully checked to ensure that there are no unnecessary queries that might cause delays


Trophex is fully licensed and is capable of exporting your trophies once they have been mounted,packing to any destination around the world. Our office personnel will ensure you a hassle free exporting experience.

Please see the PACKING AND WRAPPING tab regarding queries on risk of damages to your trophies during exportation.

Dip & Pack

Many international hunters experience an unforgettable safari and then are disappointed when their trophies finally arrive home. Trophex has identified all the key reasons for disappointments experienced by hunters and outfitters and used them to its advantage. Years of experience has enabled Trophex to establish a system that is fast, reliable and that will guarantee you a pleasant and hassle free experience.

Key aspects, that we believe are of high importance to insure a good service and product, are listed below.

Turnaround time

We have noticed that the time it takes to export raw trophies is of high importance to our clients. We are proud to say that at Trophex our turnaround time is between 2 months during off season and 4 months during peak season.

Please note that the issue of the export permit by our authorities can sometimes be a frustration and is beyond our control. This might lead to a delay. Each export permit application, sent to the authorities is carefully checked to ensure that there are no unnecessary queries which could cause delays.


All skins are dipped according to the requirement of the Department of Agriculture.shouldermount Our chemical process is accepted by all state veterinarians around the world. Many taxidermists have found that skins they receive from us have good stretch quality and flesh more easily than others.

After the drying process, the skins are folded as small as possible to ensure that our clients don’t pay for unnecessary freight volume.

Our skin storage rooms are fumigated by professionals in pest control on a monthly basis, to prevent any type of insect damage to the trophies.


At Trophex we use a process called “rotting” to clean the skulls, Skulls are placed in clean water until all the access meat has fallen off. We prefer using this method to reduce the risk of damage to the skull and the horns during a boiling process. The bacteria are then killed before the skulls are bleached with chemicals and hot water. Trophex also adds a few of its own secrets to the process that will ensure no fat or oily skulls will arrive at your taxidermist.

We know how important European mounts, better known Skull mounts, are to our clients. Therefore, we never cut any skulls but rather ensure that all the bones are firmly attached in place.


Dry salted skins are placed in a chemical mixture called “dirt souk”. As soon as the skins are soft, each skin gets checked for hair slip, insect damage or bad skinning before it gets processed. Sculls are also checked for head shots, insect damage or any other damage.

Trophex will NOT export any damaged trophies before pre-notification to you or your outfitter!

We strongly recommend that you make sure that the hunting organization you wish to use for your safari is well aware of the field handling process of your trophies.


Dedicated to the serious game hunter of today

Meet The Team

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Bertus SteenkampManaging Member of Trophex cc
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The Trophex Team
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