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Packing and Wrapping


Trophex is fully equipped and capable of packing your trophies and does not need to subcontract packing companies. We feel packing the trophies ourselves is very important to ensure accuracy and maximum security. We prefer to make sure that all trophies are well fixed in the crate and well protected from rough handling by third parties.
Our crates are custom built to a specific maximum size that will allow your crate to fit on any air freight available and will ensure that the shipping agent can find the cheapest and most reliable freight available for you. If it so happens that your trophies don’t fit into the maximum sized crate, Trophex will rather build an extra crate than build a bigger crate and force our clients to use bigger and more expensive Air freights. – UNFORTUNATLY THIS METHOD IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH DIPPED TROPHIES.
We are well aware of all packing regulations so our clients can be assured of no surprises from their authorities once the trophies arrive in their home country.


RAW TROPHIES – Sculls and horns are firmly wrapped in bubble wrap. Skins are wrapped in thick 150 micro plastic bags
SCULL MOUNTS – the entire scull mount is wrapped in bubble wrap


38mm X 38mm pine beams are used to construct a basic frame and cladding is done with 9mm ply wood. The outer side of the crate is also supported with 38mm X 38mm pine beams to ensure maximum strength. The crates are raised using 38mm X 50mm pine beams as legs, to enable a forklift to slide under the crate and lift it.

Actual Packing

Dipped trophies

Skins are placed on the bottom of the crate and the skulls on top. According to USDA / CDC requirements, all swine (warthog / bushpig) and primate (baboon / monkey) trophies are packed and crated separately.

Mounted trophies

Small shoulder mounts are fixed to the side of the crate and big shoulder mounts are fixed to the bottom of the crate using 45mm screws and washers with a diameter of 30mm. Full mounts are fixed to the bottom of the crate and supported with 38mm X 38mm pine beams for stability.