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The JEN handbag is a beautiful and useful item for any hunter who cares about fashion.


This bag is sturdy and stands out because it is made of both leather and fur game skin. With dimensions of L-28cm x W-7cm x H-18cm (about 11" x 2.8" x 7.1"), it is the perfect size to carry your hunting trip supplies.


As with all of our goods, the JEN handbag is made when you order it. This takes 3–4 weeks. To make this bag your own, you can choose the color of the leather and the type of game skin you want. We have choices for everyone, whether you like the classic look of plain leather or the bold look of zebra or antelope skin.


When you order your JEN handbag today, you'll get the right mix of style and function for your next hunting trip.


Products are per order basis and require a 3-4 weeks manufacturing time.
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