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Trophex Artisan Back Skin Wallet


Experience the unique blend of elegance and rugged outdoorsmanship with Trophex's bespoke men's wallet, meticulously handcrafted from the back skin of your prized shoulder mount trophies. Our expert artisans transform the back skin, a byproduct of your shoulder mount, into a luxurious and durable leather wallet. Each wallet showcases the natural beauty and distinctive patterning of the animal's hide, ensuring that no two pieces are alike.


The back skin, known for its strength and resilience, undergoes a meticulous fur-tanning process, preserving the hair's natural texture and color. This not only pays homage to your hunting achievements but also provides a tactile reminder of your adventures. The wallet features multiple card slots, a spacious bill compartment, and a slim profile for comfortable everyday carry. You have the option to customize the color and finish, tailoring it to your personal style.


This wallet is more than a functional accessory; it's a story of your hunting journey, a piece of art in your pocket, and a conversation starter. Owning a Trophex Artisan Back Skin Wallet means carrying a part of your hunting legacy with you, every day.


Mens wallet

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