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Trophex Elegant Back Skin Women's Wallet

Trophex Taxidermy introduces a touch of the wild combined with refined elegance in our women's wallet, exquisitely handcrafted from the back skin of your treasured shoulder mount trophies. Embrace the unique story behind each wallet, as our skilled artisans transform the back skin, a valued byproduct of your trophy, into a sophisticated and enduring accessory.

The back skin's natural resilience and texture are enhanced through an expert fur-tanning process, bringing out the vibrant patterns and hues of the animal's fur. This process not only highlights the beauty of the hide but also retains the essence of your hunting expeditions. Our women's wallet is designed with functionality and style in mind, featuring an array of card slots, a secure zipper compartment for coins, and a sleek profile that easily fits into your handbag.

Customize your wallet with a selection of colors and finishes, making it a true reflection of your personal style. Each wallet is a testament to your hunting legacy, combining practicality with a sense of luxury. The Trophex Elegant Back Skin Women's Wallet is not just an accessory; it's a piece of art that carries the spirit of adventure and the pride of your achievements.


Women's Wallet

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