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5 Taxidermy Tips for International Hunters

There are some crucial taxidermy recommendations to keep in mind if you're organizing a hunting trip to South Africa and intend to have a trophy mounted. Five taxidermy suggestions for foreign hunters in South Africa are as follows:

Taking good field care The first and most important stage in creating a high-quality mount is giving the animal the right amount of field care. It's crucial to protect the hide after the animal has been killed, especially in high-stress regions like the head and neck. To avoid deterioration or hair slippage, the animal should be skinned and cleaned as soon as possible. When the hide has been taken off, it should be stored somewhere cold and dry until it can be taken to a taxidermist.

Choose a reputed taxidermist: Getting a mount of the highest caliber depends on your choice of a taxidermist. Make sure to do your research and pick a taxidermist that has a solid reputation and is skilled in mounting the species of animal you have captured. When hiring a taxidermist, enquire about references and review samples of their work online or in person.

If you're dealing with a taxidermist, be sure to express your preferences. Describe your desired mount's attitude, position, and expression as well as any additional requirements you may have. To ensure that your expectations are satisfied, send pictures of mounts you like or references.

Protect the hide: It's essential to preserve the hide properly so that it stays in good shape for delivery to the taxidermist. To avoid deterioration and hair loss, use a high-quality preservative, and store the hide in a cool, dry location. Avoid chilling the hide because this can harm the hair and make mounting more challenging.

Last but not least, it's crucial to take into account the logistics of bringing your award home. Be sure you have the right documentation and permits to ship or move the mount safely, as well as to bring it back with you. Be sure to explore your alternatives with the taxidermist you have chosen because some of them provide worldwide shipping services.

You can ensure that your South African hunting trophy is mounted to the finest possible standard by using these taxidermy tips, leaving behind a stunning memento of your successful hunt.

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