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Bospatrys Shooting Day

Now that was embarrassing; how in the world is it possible that a woman younger than myself and Stephen Bosch wipes us both out with so many points that I don't even dare to type it down.

On the 12th of March 2022, Stephen Bosch and I decided to represent Trophex Taxidermy at the Annual Bospatrys shooting day. Trophex Taxidermy is one of the proud sponsors of the event, and It would not be nice if we dared not participate.

(Bertus Steenkamp left and Stephen Bosch right)

The Bospatrys shooting day was well organized and a lot of fun, and I would highly recommend the experience to my fellow hunters. But, more importantly, I want to make sure that this massage comes thru strongly, and that is that you, without a doubt, don't need to be a pro shooter as Myself is living proof that you will have fun even if a woman shoots better than you!

The interesting fact of the day was that all the contestants fired 8250 shots with zero incidents in just that one day. You might ask how one manages to fire 8250 shots within one day? Well, I guess you will need to come to the next annual Bospatrys Shooting day event to find out and bring some ear protection.

My biggest reason for sharing this event is that I am incredibly proud of all the hunters having a natural urge to shoot decently. As hunters, it is clear that we all carry the same responsibility to shoot well in the field. I believe it has something to do with the respect and the value we have in our natural wildlife. Fortunately, I have yet to find a true African hunter who would like to wound an animal purposefully. I know it sometimes happens that we wound an animal, but it is a fact that hunters hate harming an Animal with lousy shot placement. Each hunter's effort to shoot as well as possible is displayed clearly on a shooting day like Bospatrys.

Bospartys shooting day reminded me again that Hunters represent the best conservation mechanism in this world by giving our wildlife animals the value they deserve. While at the same time getting criticized for it by those who don't understand and, more importantly, I may add, do not want to know how it works.

(Stephen Bosch on the .22 range)

Now you might still be curious what my score was. There is no way I am going to share that with anyone. I am taking my embarrassing defeat by a woman to my grave. As they say, "what happens at Bospatrys shooting day stays at Bospatrys shooting day."

One thing is sure next year, I will up my shooting game, and I believe I will not be alone.

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